How I Practice


My approach to medicine is medically based and naturally focused with an emphasis on individualized and collaborative care. There is no one-size-fits-all cure. In order to see results, we will need to work together to get to the root cause of health issues.
I practice a trauma-informed and body-positive model of care. I accept people of all ages, shapes, colors, gender and sexual identifications and backgrounds. My practice is a safe space, and I will always do my best to make you feel that way.

You can expect transparency when working with me. I may not have all the answers. I’ll let you know if I need to do more research, and I will always provide a referral for cases that are outside my scope of practice.


My Training

A naturopathic doctor (ND) must attend a 4-year graduate level, medical school accredited by the CNME (Council on Naturopathic Medical Education). After rigorous academic and clinic training, NDs must pass a series of board examinations to be licensed to practice medicine. NDs are educated in all of the same basic sciences as MDs, but also study holistic and non-toxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimized wellness.


Using clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy in addition to conventional western medicine modalities, naturopaths are able to support and promote the body’s natural healing process and help patients reach their full health potential.


For a deeper look at how naturopathic medical school compares to allopathic medical school, click here.



National University

of National Medicine
Portland, Oregon

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

  • 3,800 hours of academic & laboratory education

  • 900 hours of clinical training

  • 250 hours of preceptorship

    • Over 100 hours completed with Dr. Tori Hudson, ND

    • Over 50 hours completed with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

National University
of Health Sciences

Lombard, Illinois

Accelerated Prerequisite Medical Program

University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Oregon Association of Naturopathic Doctors

New England School of Homeopathy

18 month Cycles & Segments Homeopathy training with Dr. Paul Herscu, ND, MPH and Dr. Amy Rothenberg

Current Affiliations

Naturopathic Medical Institute

  • The NMI is committed to preserving the roots of naturopathic medicine and educating young doctors in the practice of nature cure. To learn more visit NMI.



In-Office Healthcare visits


In-Office Health Consultations



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